Triple C Hydra Bed – Self-Contained Flatbed Bale Handler

Round Hay BaleRound hay bales can be difficult to work with. Their sheer weight and bulk make moving them from the hay-field to the barn, or from the barn to the feeding spot a real chore. The situation becomes more difficult if rain or snow is involved. If you use an open cab tractor with a spike for feeding or moving round bales in the winter then you know all too well how cold that tractor can feel.

Hydra Bed Side ViewFor those who own a 3/4 ton or larger truck we have a great solution. The Triple C Hydra Bed. Imagine loading, unloading and feeding round bales from the warmth, comfort and safety of your truck cab. The flush-mounted, live-hydraulic powered bale handler is totally integrated into the rugged flatbed. Winter feeding, summer hay hauling, year-round trailer towing and many other lifting, hauling and towing tasks are easily accomplished.

Hydra Bed Fingertip ControlsThe Hydra Bed is operated from inside the cab with the controls mounted near the driver’s seat. Fully variable, fingertip controls allow you to haul, transport and/or unroll two large round or square bales weighing up to 3000 pounds without having to get out of your truck.



Hydra Bed with lowered armsThe bale handler features unobstructed flatbed functions with synchronized arms to automatically center bales, free-float unrolling and lay-flat unrolling spinners. The handler is constructed of 4” square, 1/2” wall rear cross tube to handle the heaviest bales.


The Hydra Bed also proves it versatility with a recessed fifth wheel hitch and 30,000 pounds rated 2 5/16” ball and rear drop hitch. Triple C offers several accessories to make the Hydra Bed an indispensable part of your farm or ranch equipment. These include a dump box, toolboxes, spear and post hole digger.

See the Hydra Bed section on our website for complete details on this great line of equipment.


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