Jungle Jim Jungle Jack – Lift any size riding mower with ease

Jungle Jim Jungle Jack

Trailer Store and Truck Accessories carries the entire line of Jungle Jim Commercial Lawn Accessories. This line of Commercial Lawn Equipment is ideal for commercial lawn companies and landscaping companies. From trimmer racks, transport racks and blower holders to grass trappers, blower holders and transport lockdowns Jungle Jim products offers the quality and reliability these companies demand from their equipment.

While this line of equipment if focused on professional use some of the products are ideal for the homeowner. Among these are the Jungle Jim Jungle Jack. In this article we’ll discuss this versatile piece of equipment and how it can benefit both professionals and homeowners alike.

jjjack43The latest model the Jungle Jim JJ-JACK4 Jungle Jack will lift virtually any size commercial lawn mower. With a lifting capacity of 800lbs it will lift up to 19 inches off the ground at any angle. The jack will lift both the front and rear ends of the mower and is constructed of steel channel for durability and long life.  It will lift virtually all belt drive and hydro walk-behinds in any size or model. It will also lift any ZTR or stand-on-mower.

This lawn mower jack is not only for the bigger commercial lawn mowers. It will also lift virtually any size riding mower. Access to servicing the deck and lawn mower blades has never been easier.

jjjack41The Jungle Jack takes the strain off the operator’s back and arms. The foot assist pedal and large wheels help the operator lift the mower quickly and easily. Once the mower has been lifted to the desired height simply set the safety arm and the mower is ready to be serviced.

The safety arm secures the jack while the operator is servicing the lawn mower. It is activated by pulling a cotter pin which locks the jack in place.


Whether you service a single riding mower at home or run a lawn mowing service the Jungle Jim Jungle Jack will prove to be an essential part of your garage equipment. Save your back, arms and legs with this versatile tool. Imagine never again having to spend the time and effort of removing, servicing and re-mounting your lawn mower deck.

To see all of the Jungle Jim Commercial Lawn Accessories visit our website Commercial Lawn Accessories Whether you are looking for a blower holder, sulkie, trimmer rack, or the famous Jungle Jack we have it all at prices that can’t be beat.






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